KOZAN is the evolution of a personal style that began in the 1990’s at Diesel, an international denim brand located in Italy where she learned design basics and an approach international fashion.

In 2005 Melis Kozan and her husband Chad began their own company Isle Apparel.

Ahmet Kozan, Chad’s father started his textile factory in Turkey in 1980 as a textile engineer so this was a fantastic extension for the families entrepreneurship roots and fashion minded family. This brand focuses on fun, funky and feminine shapes. Isle is known for the “cha-cha” dress, vivid and bold prints that are designed in house with attention to fabric and detail.

Melis began to add casual elements into her collection and a new label was born in 2014 BAR by Melis Kozan. Filled with soft French terry, easy jacquards, and breezy linens luxe every day clothing was a niche that was happily filled. With her busy life of travel between US, Turkey as well as fabric markets in Paris and other European cities she found a need for easy but sophisticated pieces that could take her from one continent to another looking chic and polished but also comfortable enough to wear on the plane for 10 hours. Her love of fashion and her personal evolution have led to KOZAN.

Inspired from intricate jacquard fabrics and art installations in Paris she has created a new brand that will take you from brunch to an art opening, from work to dinner with friends. That favorite special item that you can’t live without it is the best friend in your closet that you reach for whenever you want to feel your best.